Uguu Vs Veritas, also known as World War 1, was a war that occurred on ***********. It involved all of the servers power nations,

Participants Edit

The main conflict was Uguu and Irithyll fighting Veritas, however many smaller nations took part.

"WP" Edit

  • Uguu
  • Irithyll
  • Persia
  • Estra
  • Agora

Veritas Edit

  • Veritas
  • Chanada (now Byzanchan Empire)
  • Solaria
  • Many smaller nations

Although Solaria had no land claim at the time, members of Solaria hid in Chanada assisting with the war preparations of Veritas, supplying them with pvp gear, and assisting with PR on the subreddit through high effort shitposting. [1] Other smaller nations also assisted Veritas with gearing and pearl funding after the war.

Cause Edit

The war started as a result of Uguus boredom of the server and frustration with Veritas. Uguu was planning an attack once Poortea was freed, however Uguu had a leak and posted screenshots of their discord on the subreddit. As a result Uguu pushed the war forward by a few days, and attacked Veritas hours after the reddit post.[2]

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