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Aquila is one of the nations in Devoted located in the east edge of the map. It is a relatively peaceful nation that is a member of the Delta Alliance. It's focuses are on sports, building, and booze.

Government Edit

Aquila has a democratic republic for its government. It has 3 Executive Council members elected by the citizens of Aquila, and one Chief Justice.

Executive Council Edit

The Executive council is elected by the citizens of Aquila. They have 3 month terms and a new on is elected on the start of every month. Only citizens are allowed to vote in these elections.

Chief Justice Edit

The Chief Justice is elected by the Executive Council. They hold their office until they quit.

Citizenship and Resident Edit

You can become a resident of Aquila by being given a plot by an EC member. As long as you own land in Aquila, you are a resident. To become a citizen, you must have stayed in Aquila for 2 weeks and be promoted by the EC.

Guilds Edit

The people of Aquila have the ability to choose a guild. These guilds direct the people's focuses onto something specific to improve Aquila. Guilds may have a tax or requirement to remain in them.

Brewer's Guild Edit

The Brewer's Guild, headed by DemonicOctopus, focuses on making sure the booze supplies are well stocked for Aquila's favorite past time. We don't have the nickname, T-Aquila for nothing. In addition to supplies, the Brewer's Guild is in charged of experimenting with ingredients to discover new recipes.

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